Top 10 Overheard HIPAA Statements: HIPAA Security Los Angeles

HIPAA Security Los Angeles

10) My IT company won’t sign the Business Associate Agreement because they said it is not valid unless it comes from the government website

9) We have HIPAA covered. We have a manual

8) Our EHR is HIPAA certified so we are HIPAA certified

7) We are a small practice, HIPAA doesn’t apply to us.

6) No it wasn’t encrypted but it had a password. Is it still a breach?

5) We don’t have any Patient Information on our desktops – right before we showed them a report with over 600 patient social security numbers on one of their desktops

4) My iPhone is encrypted so any emails that I send with Patient Information will be encrypted

3) Our attorney says he is not a HIPAA Business Associate even though we disclose patient information to him

2) Of course we do backups! We keep the backups right on the server in case we need to restore.

1) My Business Associate can’t have a breach, they signed a Business Associate Agreement

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