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cloud computing for healthcare

Cloud Computing for Healthcare: Omnibus Rule

The long-awaited final modifications to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement and Breach Rules were introduced recently. The 563-word document outlines the changes that were initially slated for implementation last summer, also known as the final omnibus rule.

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phi in the cloud

PHI in the Cloud: HIPAA Challenges for Telemedicine Providers

Both telemedicine providers and technology companies that serve the telehealth industry face some unique and sometimes complicated challenges dealing with HIPAA, especially as it relates to the storage, transmission, and use of Protected Health Information (“PHI”). With the recent explosion of tech-savvy communication methods and cloud storage capabilities, telemedicine, while often saving patients and doctors time and reducing overall healthcare costs, also presents ever-expanding risks that may lead to violations of patients’ privacy rights under HIPAA.

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5 Best Practices for Mobile Device Security in Healthcare

The specter of HIPAA is at the back of every health care provider’s mind, every day, in every interaction. Providers must constantly question if the information they are sharing, and how they are sharing it, falls within the law’s privacy guidelines. If they aren’t following the rules, they know, they could face significant fines and other consequences.

Yet for many providers, the same care and consideration that they give to conversations, emails, and other interactions doesn’t always extend to their mobile device use. Often, it’s assumptions about the security of their devices, as in, they believe that they are more secure than they really are, that leads to potential HIPAA violations, not to mention, creating the risk of a data breach. For that reason, it’s important that health care providers, and facilities, make mobile device security a bigger priority, in order to protect patient information and confidentiality.

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New Technology, New HIPAA Changes

New Technology, New HIPAA Changes

A new set of HIPAA patient privacy regulations will impact practices and physicians everywhere with stronger legal scrutiny and higher fines in place. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has updated the final omnibus to enhance the security of patient privacy established by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). With new technology, comes new HIPAA changes. 

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Writing a HIPAA Friendly BYOD Policy

Tablets, smartphones and laptops employees bring in can be secured through a thoughtful combination of BYOD policy and technology controls.

The bring-your-own-device movement can’t be stopped, but for HIPAA-minded health care CIOs who must secure their networks against data breaches, personal devices must be contained via a HIPAA friendly BYOD policy.

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HHS Releases HITECH Act Final Rules

The Department of Health and Human Services has released the HITECH Act final rules for the electronic health record incentive program. Those rules, which address privacy and security, among other issues, include a rule spelling out how providers can demonstrate meaningful use of EHRs to earn additional incentive payments in Stage 3 and a rule setting 2015 health IT software certification criteria. Providers participating in the incentive program must use certified software.

The two final rules simplify requirements and add new flexibilities for providers to make electronic health information available when and where it matters most, HHS said in a statement.

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