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As a health care industry executive, we know your focus is both on patient care and the bottom line. We also know you cannot afford to leave either your network vulnerable nor lax in your HIPAA compliance program.

At CAM HIPAA Solutions, we can provide you and your staff peace of mind by protecting your sensitive patient data and keeping you in full HIPAA compliance. We provide all the services and support you need so you can focus on driving your business.


Download your guides to gain better knowledge behind Risk Analysis and Risk Assessments

Understanding a Risk Assessment Risk Analysis vs. Risk Assessment

Allow for us to run an risk analysis and determine what vulnerabilities your company has, as well as recommending policies and procedures to ensure your compliance. If the risk analysis determines that a redesign in your company’s framework is necessary, allow for us to handle the grunt work.

CAM HIPAA Solutions is the easiest and fastest way to protecting patient information and becoming compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule.

The most important aspect of CAM HIPAA Solutions is that we do all the hard work for you.

  • We write your policies and procedures
  • We perform your risk assessment
  • We train your employees
  • We respect your precious time and we minimize the time and effort that you have to put in.  And we are with you every step of the way (we are really good at hand holding).  Over a 2 week period you will probably spend 2 hours (and no more than 4 hours we promise) working with us.  After that you are done and we do the rest.
  • Our training videos are light and enjoyable (some clients say their employees think our training is actually fun!).  HIPAA is boring no more!
  • We have priced our service so every organization can afford it.
  • We promise to minimize the time you spend, get you up to speed on HIPAA without overwhelming you, help your employees protect patient information and take “become HIPAA compliant “ off your to-do list
  • World-class network protection to avoid breaches and other threats due to inactivity, inaction or other root causes

We are continually abreast of the latest medical legislation and HIPAA rules and guidelines and will adjust your network and other relevant items in full compliance. Backed by top-tier HIPAA compliance managers and IT professionals, CAM HIPAA Solution delivers for your business.

Don’t become like other HIPAA Principals and look away, it applies to everyone!

Please give one our consultants a call at (888) 959-0220 or schedule a time to speak with a consultant at your convenience.

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