certified hipaa compliance

Quovant Certified HIPAA Compliance

Legal spend and matter management solutions provide focus on developing technology and delivering services to corporate legal departments, claims and risk departments in the US and Europe. Having a solution that is HIPAA Compliant is key to these departments. 

Quovant Certified HIPAA Compliance

Quovant, a next generation Provider of Legal Spend and Matter Management solutions, today announced that it has been certified compliant with The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). As the only legal spend management and matter management provider to be certified as compliant, Quovant clients can share, analyze and manage protected health information (ePHI) in a private, secure, and protected fashion.

Using Quovant’s flagship product Pivot™, corporate legal, claims and risk departments, their law firms and other external providers, can securely manage matter and invoice data and documents with the peace of mind mandated by HIPAA. Quovant’s unique combination of software and services, combined with unparalleled privacy and security controls, continues to set the bar for excellence amongst its competitors. Combining the confidence afforded by HIPAA compliance with Quovant’s long-standing certification as SOC3 compliant, Quovant gives clients a level of comfort not available in any competing legal spend management or matter management solution.

“By making the commitment to HIPAA and SOC3 compliance, Quovant offers clients in the healthcare field, as well as those with which they work, a level of comfort and security that our competitors simply cannot provide,” said Kathi Lemons, VP of Compliance at Quovant. “With Quovant products, including our managed services offerings, ePHI becomes one less thing to worry about with the stakes for unauthorized disclosure so high.”

“Our healthcare clients, some of the largest providers in the world, told us that HIPAA compliance was part of everyday life. With Pivot and other Quovant products so intertwined with our clients’ everyday life, making our products and services HIPAA compliant was a high-value investment for their peace of mind,” said Jeff Hodge, VP at Quovant. “Our compliance enables clients’ legal, claims and risk departments to process and share ePHI without the risk of HIPAA violations. If you ask anyone in healthcare, that kind of comfort is invaluable.”

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