HIPAA Compliant Computer Recycling Services

We provide proper document storage, which is also a HIPAA requirement. We can also properly destroy information according to HIPAA standards.

An often overlooked area of HIPAA compliance, many firms inadvertently fail to be in compliance regarding the handling of information and also creating “leaks” of their Patient Health Information, which creates an easy way for hackers to gain access to this sensitive information.

A daunting task, CAM HIPAA Solutions takes care of the proper storage of your data and can also properly dispose of information that is no longer needed. Data can live long after you hit the “delete” button, so with CAM you can be confident that any data is that is needed or requested to be destroyed is handled and unable to be accessed or traced, period.

Our services include:

  • Physical destruction of hardware
  • Software data destruction
  • Proper disposal post-software and hardware destruction
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