Ethical Audits and Maintenance Program

At CAM HIPAA Solutions, we believe continual, 24/7 HIPAA compliance is the key to protecting not only yourself but your patients as well. It’s also the right thing to do.

When you and your practice are abreast of all pertinent HIPAA regulations and put them into timely practice you greatly mitigate your risk of having to undergo an investigation from the Office of Civil Rights (OCR).

We offer “ethical audits” to help you maintain integrity your company’s infrastructure. We go over key elements and areas the OCR looks for in their audits, as well as reviewing additional areas we consider vital to keep up-to-date to protect you and your data. This includes reviewing is procedures are in place for situations such as data breaches resulting from power outages, viruses, hackers, and/or due to lost or stolen equipment.

To help you see the progress made from our initial Risk Assessment we provide a Risk-Profile that tracks and measure our work, providing you peace of mind that your systems are compliant beyond HIPAA standards.

We offer various plans for our audit and maintenance program:

  • Quarterly audits with monthly risk-profiles
  • Semi-annual audits with quarterly risk-profiles
  • Audits (scheduled to your company’s desired timeline)
  • Risk-profiles (scheduled to your company’s desired timeline)
  • Depending on your location’s environment, we will undergo a series of epically-designed test to ensure you are compliant.
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