HIPAA Compliant Email Services

In the medical field, there seems to be a limitless amount of emails and notices sent regarding Patient Health Information (PHI). And this is for good reason – as cyber threats become more ubiquitous, keeping patient information secure will be the number one priority along with patient care itself.

Numerous amounts of emails are being sent daily in the medical field regarding PHI (Patient Health Information). If your current email services are not encrypted, you are already within breach of HIPAA compliance. Whether it be internal or external, the email system must be encrypted according to HIPAA standards.

HIPAA Guidelines

If you don’t know if your data is encrypted, and it turns out it is not, you’re already in breach of HIPAA compliance. Regardless if the data is internal or external, your email system must be encrypted according to strict HIPAA regulation.

In these regulations is also the Technical Safeguards section, which includes a Transmission Security subsection. Here it states a covered entity is required in order to “Implement technical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to electronic protected health information that is being transmitted over an electronic communications network.”

To ensure this “technical security” we offer:

  • Encrypted email services
  • Email continuity services
  • Email malware, anti-virus, and security scanning services
  • Email backup and security
  • Added protection to your confidential emails
  • Military-grade security
  • Digital signature emails to ensure security
  • End-to-end security WORM-compliant, tamper-proof media
  • Data is encrypted both in transit and at rest
  • FIPs-certified aEs 256-bit encryption of stored data
  • No co-mingling of data; all data is stored in individual silos to prevent corruption
  • 99.999999999% data resiliency assures the integrity of your stored emails
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