HIPAA Compliant Data Encryption Services

HIPAA Compliant Data Encryption Services

A cornerstone of any HIPAA compliance program includes encryption. Offering multiple services such as data encryption, system monitoring and protection, disaster preparedness and recovery, we can make staying HIPAA compliant simple, straightforward and even convenient.

Data Encryption Services

Information being transferred throughout multiple medical facilities can easily be lost or stolen. With today’s technology advancing at breakneck speed, it is important to maintain secure communications and data. HIPAA has defined encryption and has determined it is required for compliance.

Our Data Encryption Services include:

  • Encrypted email
  • Encrypted server(s)
  • Encrypted data shared on multiple networks
  • Password protected material
  • System monitoring and protection services

The CAM system and network monitoring platform represents industry best practices regarding what to monitor, when to alert, and what action to take.

The solution provides a complete view of your systems 24/7, delivering the level of monitoring, graphing, alerting and reporting that is essential for maintaining a well-operating infrastructure. The health and performance of your ICT infrastructure is proactively monitored and if thresholds are exceeded alerts are immediately sent via email and/or SMS.

Our Desktop Malware and Anti-Virus Services:

  • We ensure your virus definitions, patches and updates have been downloaded and applied to every PC and server on the network
  • We are automatically alerted of any virus activity on your network and what computer(s) are infected
  • No more annual subscriptions or costly licensing fees
  • You automatically receive the most up-to-date antivirus software versions as they are made available
  • Your antivirus program status automatically restarts when it is canceled or stopped
  • Disaster preparedness and recovery services

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Business emergencies stem from two sources: natural and manmade. The end result is typically the same, however. Your network is down, expenses increase and your revenue decreases. What can help mitigate these risks?

Proactive planning.

Proactive planning specific to your business will reduce your downtime, save your data and your business. Start by identifying your possible “weak spots”.

Use the following components and questions:

  • Data – Is it backed up nightly, stored off-site, verified and able to be quickly recovered?
  • Hardware – Do you have replacement hardware configured for your needs?
  • Communications – Is your network accessible in a power outage?

Imagine a break-in at your facility and your server is stolen. What do you do? Is your server encrypted? Is it backed up? Is this going to cost you thousands of dollars in HIPAA violations?

We offer both desktop and server managed cloud backup services to help you answer these questions and more. With these safeguards in place your data and Electronic Patient Health Information (EPHI) will be restored and made accessible.

Make sure you’re protected by implementing proactive planning in your HIPAA compliant program development or else risk a fine.

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